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Dark times.

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Categorie: spannende verhalen
Gepost door: Robert Kollmer
Gepost op: 2010-3-26


Dark times
In a Land on far distant shores there is a young boy that has no idea of what will come.

Its a regular Saturday morning with the farmer family Greystone, a boy named Fjordin works in stabels to tend the livestock, suddenly the earth shakes heavily and fjordin falls down on his knees for support and wait's till the shaking surpasses, after a few min the shaking has past and fjordin gets up and finds his way to the farmhouse where his mom and dad are awaiting his return they talk about the sudden tremors and of how sudden they came and past away again. after having lunch fjordin goes regularly onto the fields with his father to tend them this day was like any other day they where working the fields when the sky turned black and raindrups fell down, suddenly fjordin saw the rain turn from white blue to dark red drups, the color of blood fjordin never saw any thing like it and nether did the family ever saw this happen but the rain stopped and the sky turned from black to blue as fast as it came, a traveler came by later in the afternoon and greeted the father and fjordin on his passing not mentioning any thing about rain fjordin greeted the man back and shouted did you notice the rain today it was red as blood the man notched and proceeded on his yourney. when the evening fell the father and son returned home to have dinner and sleep after a long days work. fjordin said goodnight after having his dinner and went to bed.......

Fjordin was fast asleep when a loud noise n the deep of the night woke him up and he went to the window to see what it was he saw torches lined upon the road moving swiftly into the direction of the farm he put some cloths on and when he was about to walk out of his room he heard screaming that sounded like his mother, fjordin open the door slightly and saw figures cloaked in black when he watched a little bit more to the left where the screams seem to came from he saw his mom and father kneel ed down on the ground and a cloaked figure holding a massive red glowing blade, words where spoken en one of the cloaked figures pulled out a knife with the same color as the blade and slit her throat fjordin saw what h append and was in all state's but wasn't able to speak nor scream, all of a sudden a fast light shined true fjordins window it was so blinding that he dared not watch into it when the light faded and he peeked back true the opening of the door his father was gone, and his mom was dead.

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