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Categorie: liefdes verhalen
Gepost door: Shannyfish
Gepost op: 2007-9-24


When Calleigh got home after a busy day at CSI, she noticed the door of her apartment was forced open.

She had been busy for 2 hours to match all 34 bullets of a crime scene at a poolparty and when she had finally finished, late in the afternoon, Alexx had walked into the firelab and had given her 6 more bullets she had retrieved from the body's of the people who had been killed. Calleigh had sighed on it and had conclueded not all bullets were from the same gun. There were 29 .22mm's and 11 .51mm's and some bullets were pretty much damaged. It had been hard to tell how many guns were used and to match, because some bullets didn’t look quite the same as the other.

Calleigh took her gun and pushed the door open with her foot. Someone had turned her whole apartment upside down and had definetly been looking for something. She took a few more steps into the kitchen. No one was there. She lowered her gun as she took her cell phone.


"Horatio, I really don't know what happened, but someone broke into my apartment when I got home from the lab and..."

"I'll be right there"

When Calleigh turned around, she heard a noise in the bathroom. She slowly held her gun up and moved in the direction of the hallway. Nothing. But then she felt someone's arms around her, holding her very tight. "No!" She heard her gun hitting the floor with a smash and felt someone breathing in her neck and touching her breasts. Calleigh knew in a flash what was going to happen. "No, don't! My baby..."

After Speed's death, Horatio and Calleigh had become even more closer then before. They both had been forced to oversee the dangers of being a cop and a CSI. And barely two years later, Eric got shot and there had been a chance to loose him too. Horatio had always been very protective to Calleigh, but she had been able to keep holding on every time.

After Horatio had returned from Brazil, she admitted she had missed him very much and told him she had been scared something was going to happen to him while he was out there. After duty, Calleigh had asked him to have Chinese at her apartment and Horatio had agreed. When it got 1 am, he had decided to go home. But Calleigh had asked him to spend the night with her and there lips had found each other. Horatio had put her on the kitchen furniture and had deepened the kiss. When she had been searching for his zipper, he had pulled away and had asked her if she really wanted this and her answer had been: "Make love to me, Handsome"

Only a couple of days later, Calleigh had fainted at the lab and Natalia had been very concerned about her. When she had finally succeed to put Cal on her feet, Ryan came in and had asked her if everything was okay. She had looked very pale and when she was about to go to the firelab again, she had passed out for a second time. Ryan had told her to go home and Natalia had agreed and had offered to take her, but she had been stubborn, like she always did when someone thought she couldn’t handle her job. She had told them she was fine and had walked out the DNA-lab. On her way to the firelab, she had crossed Eric and had yelled: “I’m fine!”, when he saw her face and opened his mouth to say something about her paleness. With tears of anger in her eyes.

Calleigh felt how hands onbuttoned her blouse and headed for her bra.

When it had been time to go home, Horatio had asked her if she had a few minutes. Eric had told him how she had yelled at him without any good reason. Calleigh had told him her curses were a bit late. Horatio had told her told her not to move and had runned out of his office. When he came back, only a couple minutes later, he had found Calleigh in his office, like he had told her to be and had given her a pregnancy teste. Calleigh’s eyes had widened, because she didn’t tought of the chance of having a baby inside her womb.

“No!”, Calleigh screamed, “My baby... Don’t!”

Horatio’s gaze had been very concerned and also a bit scared... Calleigh felt like he looked the same way like Eric, Ryan and Natalia had been, but when Horatio did, she could buy it. Horatio had not only been concerned, but even understanding; something the others couldn’t show. Calleigh had taken the preganncy teste out of his hands and had run away. When she had came back after 30 minutes, Horatio saw that she had definetely been crying. Because her cheeks were totally wet and her mascara and eyeliner were gone, so she looked more like a panda then the beautiful, kind woman she usually was.


“I’m really too scared to look...”

“Calleigh, everything’s going to be fine; Wether you are positive or not, I’ll be there...”

“If something’s turning blue, I’m negative; And if that stick changes in pink...”

She couldn’t finish her sentence. Horatio took the pregnancy teste and turned it around, so he could see the round in the middle of it.


“Calleigh, I think you are positive...”

She had immediately reached out for Horatio and when she fell into his arms, tears had welled up in her green eyes for the third time that day.

She hated to look unstabile or broken in any other way in the company of the guys she worked with. She had always been hiding her feelings and had always been keeping everything inside. But if there was one person she believed in and trusted with every part of her being, it definetely was Horatio. They were both the same kind of workaholics and both as dedicated to the job of CSI.

Lieutenant Caine had soothed and hugged Calleigh and had quietely been moving his hand up and down her back, until she had given up crying and when he didn’t feel anymore how tears wettened his shoulder, he pulled back to see Calleigh’s devestated and confused face.

He had laid one of his hands across her belly and had asked her what she wanted to do. He had told her that it was okay if she wasn’t ready for it and he won’t be mad at her for telling.

“Horatio... I love you and I meant every word I have said the other day, it felt right of you making love to me and for only one time, it felt like it wasn’t only having sex. I always wanted you to be the one that...”

“And I always wanted you to carry my baby and to give birth to it, Cal!”

“Horatio, I really don’t care about having a bit more weight or getting as big as a balloon or something, but this liitle one inside my womb”, Calleigh told him as she laid her right hand upon his, “came so very unexpected and I’m scared I can’t to my job anymore and everyone’s going to blame me putting the life of my baby in danger...”

“No one’s going to blame you; and if anyone does, he can have a word with me!”

Calleigh laughed a bit, when he gave her a little smile.

“I definetely wanna hold this baby...”

After Calleigh and Horatio had found out they were going to be parents in a couple of months, Horatio had insisted on both having an apartement, because he was quite sure Calleigh would need her space. But that didn’t mean they weren’t together for a good time of the day.

Calleigh sometimes told him that turning positive after only one time being together, was maybe a sign they were made for each other and meant to be together and have a baby. Then they both laughed and got back to business.

Calleigh remembered how the baby had suddenly moved after firing her gun into the firelab. It had been funny, because Horatio had walked in when it happened and when he saw Calleigh reaching out for her belly, he had tought she was going to lose the baby and having a misscarrage. But when Calleigh took his hand and held it on her womb, the baby didn’t move anymore.

And when she got a little bigger, she refused to take off her high-heeled boots. But when she turned 25 weeks, she changed her mind and had never wore heels anymore.

After 6 months of pregnancy, Horatio had shared his doubtes with her. He didn’t want to hurt the baby or her while having sex or even only making love. But since Calleigh hadn’t fainted or threw up anymore, she had been a little obsessed... Horatio had been concerned about pushing too hard and every time Calleigh had asked him not to worry and told him everything was fine.

But nothing was fine anymore. She was laying there on the carpet, leaning against to wall. Raped, bleeding and having labour pains.

Once, it had been a peaceful day at CSI and Calleigh and Horatio had been able to leave in the afternoon. They had decided to have pizza at Calleigh’s. It had ended making love in the bedroom and without a word, they had also decided Horatio was going to spend the night there with Calleigh.

She always preffered laying her head on his chest and having Horatio’s arms around her while sleeping. But when the baby had began to move in her womb in the middle of the night, she had reached out too quickly and had accidentelly kicked Horatio out of her bed.

‘Hurry, Handsome’, Calleigh tought, when she all of a sudden heard someone pushing aside some broken pieces of what once had been a beautiful set of blue candles.

“Horatio?”, she whispered.


When Horatio kneeled beside her, he saw a smudge of blood.

“Horatio, I’m having your baby right now...”

“How?”, Horatio asked totally confused.

“...Raped...”, Calleigh moaned between several puffs.

Horatio looked even more confused and was determined to get this bastard who had done this to her and to have him punished.


“Are you sure this are really labour pains?”

“Yes! And if you actually think it’s painless... Idon’t mind switching...”


“I really need someone here”, Calleigh moaned.

“I don’t have any range up here,Calleigh”, Horatio told her, while taking his cell, “Don’t get panicked, I’ll be right back!”

“Hurry!”, Calleigh answered.

But when Horatio stood up quickly and headed for her balcony to call, Calleigh got very hard pains. She knew she couldn’t handle it alone and it would take a couple of minutes.

“Horatio!”, she yelled as hard as her voice allowed, “Don’t go, I don’t need anyone else, I need you with me!”

He turned around and ran back towards her. He weaved her arms around him and pulled her close, so she could lean upon him when she needed to.

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