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The Salem Witch.

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Categorie: griezel verhalen
Gepost door: Paddy McGowan
Gepost op: 2007-7-15


The Salem Witch
The year is 1692 in Salem New england.
The Bell sisters were Arrested for the practice of Witchcraft,the oldest sister Ann,Swore to take revenge and that she will return in the future.
Ann and her sisters were burned at the stake.BURN IN HELL BELL the crowd yelled...

The Present.. 2007 Salem Ma.(NEW ENGLAND).
The McGowan family moved from the UK to America,And bought a great family home in Salem,Paddy McGowan has accepted the job as a police officer.
And his wife Natasja worked at a local school,they have 2 childeren Kayleigh and Bradley.
on halloween night 31st Oct,Natasja noticed hearing sounds from the basement,as she walked down the stairs she saw some figures moving around,Who's there she yelled,I have a gun so come out who ever you are.
the sounds stopped and the figures were gone,all of the sudden a large thumping noise sounded behind her,she turned around and fired 2 shots,But she didn't hit a thing,Not even bullet
holes were found She called her husband,and 10 minutes later paddy arrived home with the sirens on,2 more patrol cars arrived at the scene.
the childeren were scared and stated to cry,Officer Daniels took Paddy to his car,And said Paddy do you know anything about your home! No Paddy replied,I bought this house for a only cost me 80.000 $
Well do you know why it was that cheap!
Uuum Because its old i guess,Officer daniels looked pretty serious and told Paddy that the house has been Empty for over 300 years,WHAT Paddy replied,300 years what u mean 300 years!!.Officer Daniels told paddy the story about the Bell sisters,Are you telling me i bought a house that had Sisters who worshipped the devil!!
Look paddy,In those years you had people that were a little strange, A Little Strange Paddy said.No one told me about Witches or ghostshit...
Look paddy thats the only thing i can tell you concerning your new home,
But how come the house is still standing after 300 years,Didn't anyone want to burn it down Paddy said.Some people did try to burn the house down,But it would not burn. Yeah right paddy replied.I bet you if i pour some gasoline over the house it will burn..
Look paddy,get yourself some sleep tonight with you family,We'll talk tomorrow.Officer daniels and the other police officers drove away.
I am sorry darling paddy said,I didn't know about this.Its okay Natasja replied and everyone slept in one room.
The next day it only got worse,As natasja got ready to take the kids to school,all the windows slamed open,And the figures returned.
Meanwhile Paddy drove to Salem real estate agency.the Desk clerc reacted with sympathy,I am very sorry Mr McGowan i heard what happened last night.I want to speak with Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson was the agent who sold the house.Mr McGowan i dont know what to say sir,How about starting to tell me the truth Mr Anderson Paddy reacted angry,Mr McGowan i can understand that you are upset! UPSET UPSET You Know what you started you Basterd!
My family is in shock because of this Bell Sister shit...
I wanna know everything Mr Anderson,Paddy was really pissed.
I will do anything to help you sir,Mr Anderson replied.
Paddy's radio sounded. UNIT 5 Come in,
Unit 5 go ahead,Eeh Paddy your wife called us,you better go home,10-4 out.
I'm not done with you Anderson! Paddy yelled.Paddy got in his patrolcar and drove like a madman to his family.
Once there he found all the windows of his house open and all the lights were on the door slamed open and closed.NATASJA!!!! paddy yelled.
were over Were over here....Natasja/Kayleigh/Bradley were safe in a barn near the house.
What the fuck happened here!!
It started again paddy, Natasja cried.
the family huged each other.


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