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a romantic evening.

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Categorie: erotische verhalen
Gepost door: Gerard
Gepost op: 2011-8-21


a romantic evening
On a day we walking hand in hand along the beach, a small wind is blowing over the ocean. The sun allmost go down. We talking and talking, we lookup to the blue sky. Starring over the sea and we enjoy so much coz we standing together so close and in our mind we think yes this is it as it allways has to be. After a while we going further going to find a place where we can eat, finally we find a nice romantic place in front of the sea. We gona sit and the waiter brings us the menucard and i order a good glass of wine. Then we gonna search what we will eat, and oh there we see a special menu full of all kid of different foods in one menu. And as if its destiny, the name of the menu is “you and me”, without further looking we order that coz for us it has a special meaning. Then we wait paitnly and drink our wine but while we do i hold your hand and bring a toast with the words you now forever mine, you can only smile and drink. On the background we hear soft the love songs and slowly the sun goes down and the waiter brings us some candleligths, then the food and we start eat. While we eating we look from time to time in eachothers eyes and see the love we feel for eachother. Slowly we eating coz that moment we preciate so much, coz in common live we so busy. But on all there will be a end aswell on this dinner too, so i pay the bill and with a big tip on the waiter i thank him for the great dinner. Thru the beach we also walk back it a bit fresh coz its allready a bit late so i lay a arm arround your shoulder and we keep eachother warm but we feel us great and look up to the stars that are on the dark blue sky are. And on the moment that we stand still for a moment i kiss you tender on your lips and hold you tigth, so tigth that we feel eachother so good, my arms arround you, then my kiss on your lips is longer and with my tongue i open yours and our tongue, while we still standing on the beach, start a passionated figth we forget the world arround us and feeling us alone in our own world in our world that called love. My hand stroking thru your hair and the other over your back your hands over my back. From top till down we stroking eachothers back and sligthly the passion of love awake in us a desire to feel eachother so good, we push our body’s tigther to eachother and we kissing till we out of breath. Then after taking a new deep breath we kiss again but now with even more desire and longing. My hand going under your clothes and is on your naked skin, it feels so good it feels so excited i feel hows your body shivering when i do it and you do the same on me. Hmmm you push your breast tigther on my chest and i push my hips tigther on yours on that moment you feel even thru my pants how my hardness is so big and strong then exhausted of our kissing we aware we still on the beach, i kiss your neck and your ears and wispering oh my dear i want you so much, while i say that i feel your hand on my pants stroking my cock and hear you moaning oh my god i love that. Then we walk further but we allmost out control and stop several times to kiss long and hot to let eachother know how excited and hot we are. Then we come home the door just closed or we can not, better we not want, control ourselfs anymore but we did make eachother so hot and excited. In notime we did undress eachother and feel eachother naked skin tigth. We both breathing heavy and sweating a bit so much excited we are. Then i lift you up in my arms and bring you on the bed i let you lay down and kissing you more started on your neck my lips soft and tender moving from ear to earthe lower over your chest and you feel how they arrive on your breast your breathing stops a moment when you feel how i suck on your nipple even a softbite makes a moan in you awake. While i do my hand stroking so softly over the rest of your body down , down but touching every part till i reach your legs, tender i spread them a bit then i stroke over it from your knee up to your lap. My lips dstill on your nipple and i change to the other one and that makes again a moan in you awake. Then my hand reach your pussy i stroke with the top of my fingers over it thru the softhair, automaticly you spread your legs even more width and push you but up to my fingers then i open your pussy and feel how wet you allready are. I move my lips over your tummy and belly to your pussy you feel my warm breathin on it my fingers make space for my tongue and i lick your pussy tender from top till down on your butt allmost. Your moanin is more often and even louder i feel your hands over my body searching for my cock, then i licking your clit and let my finger in your pussy deeper and deeper, your so wet now, so hot, my finger move arround deep in you. I hear it on your moaning and feel it on my cock coz you did find him oh my god, it feels heaven your hands arround it holding it playing with my ball. But it makes me so hot and horny i move a other finger into your pussy and then start move them both in and out while my tongue rubbing your clit even a bit faster. I feel you love it so much coz you push your hips up on the ritme of my fingers in and out, in and out they going. Then hmmmmm i feel your lips on the top of my cock oh my i moan too and i feel how your lips going open and going arround my cock i feel your warm breath and your tongue over him that makes me even more in heaven and i move my fingers even faster, harder wilder in and out your pussy and oh my it feels so great i rubbing your vclit harder, i suck on it, i feel now how you suck on my hard strong cock, we do it together enjoying eachother with so much passion of love. Then we both moaning louder and louder we loosing control we can not hold it longer, we want it, we need it, we do it yes we both suddely explode our cum is so heavy and strong our body’s shivering, shaking alot allmost wild. We let it all go, i taste your cum and drink it all oh my i feel how you suck harder as if you not can get enough oh my godddddd i moan. Then while our orgasmes slowly flewing away i lay next to you and hold you tigth and say oh my sweet dear this was so amazing great and kiss you then on your for head soft and sensetive. And i hear you take a deep breath and then i know you fall asleep. I put a blanket over you then i lay down besides you and look at you and think oh my honey i love you trully. Then i fall asleep too and in our dreams we again together.

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